I've been taking photos for over 6 years now. I moved to Louisville, KY in 2020 - but was born and raised in Northern Kentucky all before that. But here in just a few weeks, I'm moving back to my hometown.. and I couldn't be anymore excited. I love reading romance (and some fantasy mixed in, duh), and I love to thrift. I can't take a thrift trip without being a total foodie on the way, though. My 2 cats are my furbabies and my lifelines. So is coffee too. I'm so grateful life has lead me to be where I am. <3

Hey! I'm Cheyenne.

I picked up a cheap camera when I was just 15 years old, and I've hardly been without a camera since. Youtube was my BFF in the beginning years, and I was lucky to photograph so many seniors in my rookie years. 

I shot several weddings before moving to Louisville for college. But, once I moved, I decided I wanted to focus on my goals of becoming a nurse. If you couldn't tell - that didn't last long. I went about 4-5 months without taking photos. I guess I just hyper fixated on photography again one day, upgraded my equipment, and the rest is actually history. 

By my third year of nursing school, I got to a point that I had to turn down weddings due to my school schedule. And I took the leap and dropped out (ouch student loans & no degree).

But I haven't looked back. It was the greatest decision of my life.  

How it all began