My photo journey begins when I was just 15 years old. I used to draw everyday - portraits, florals, and all the sorts. one day, I decided hey! i'm going to buy a fancy camera so I can upload some high quality photos of my artwork. soon after, I bought the nifty fifty (my photogs will know), and took pictures of my sister everyday. from then on, it's all history! I shot my first wedding when I was just 16 years old. it was my cheap dslr and my 50mm and I against the world. 

I began my journey taking photos of my friends. I mean, lots of photos. it was probably (not probably... it WAS) super cringey the way I took my first photos to the internet. but i've kind of realized that I was actually just ahead. I invested countless hours of time into watching youtube. my favorite photographers to watch are jessica whitaker, irene rudnyk, and jessica kobeissi. I still watch them every time i'm getting ready in the morning. still, I am so inspired by photographers. i'm so eager to improve. and honestly, I feel like I improve every single session. 

Just a little about me...

cheyenne bayne

It really wasn't easy at first. I did so many things wrong when I started. For years. I never had the money to invest in photography education. I've got a ton of bills to pay, yet people have kind of assumed it was handed to me. One thing I pride myself in is that I am self made. I did this on my own, and for me (and my clients!). Every penny put into my business has been mine. But this business allowed for me to move out, to get a new car, to feed myself. To have my own roof over my head. feed my fur babies. And for that, I will always be grateful. Starting so young was so confusing and difficult, but we did it. And I've become so grateful that I have had the years to navigate this crazy process of owning a business. I had a different beginning than most, but I think it made me who I am!

Okay, okay, now that I've got the cool stuff out of the way let me tell you some pretty pointless things about myself. I love cherry diet pepsi. I have one everyday. I have a real finicky social battery, but I will never regret a night out with my friends - even if they are few and far in between. I always have to be busy, which means I'm always a little stressed. But that's exactly how I like it.  

Another fun fact is that I dropped out of college and went full time October 2022! wooooooo-wee. I was in my third year of nursing school, and I honestly hit a breaking point. I had a great GPA, but having to stretch myself so this between my studies and photo was so difficult. I loved nursing, but I just love photo MORE. Life is way too short to not do what makes me happy. Yeah, it feels a little scary, but it feels even more exciting. It's crazy to say that I am living my dream. 

I moved to Louisville for college from northern Kentucky, so I am growing every day down in Louisville. But i'm up in NKY + cincy so often, especially with family there. I practically am based in two cities and I love it. 

hope you know me at least a ~little~ better!