Grace and Griffin’s spring wedding day was nothing short of perfect. With lush florals around and pops of blue, the entire day embodied a classical and elegant feel. The entire day was spent at Germantown Gables in Louisville, Kentucky. It was the perfect wedding venue on a sunny spring day. The reception space is very open and wide. This made it so easy to capture many of those in-betweens. And of course, dance the night away.

Firstly, this day was deeply significant for Griffin’s family. In the past year, Griffin’s mother had endured a brain injury, and her family was unsure if she would make it to the wedding. Every moment she shared with family that day was infused with gratitude, making the celebration even more memorable.

I attended college with Grace, so the guest list included several familiar faces. It was delightful to reconnect with old friends as they arrived for the wedding ceremony. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and nostalgia, making it a heartwarming prelude to the main event.

The ceremony itself was intimate, marked by the special touch of having a couple of their friends deliver heartfelt songs. The music resonated deeply, creating a tender environment. The experience was uniquely personal and memorable for everyone present.

Moreover, Grace and Griffin’s exchange of vows was undeniably perfect. Their words were carefully chosen, which was palpable throughout the venue. Many guests shed many tears.

Then, the night was just as special. Guests danced and laughed all night. Skyline Chili even made an appearance for a late night snack. Between that and the frozen margaritas, a time was had.

I am so grateful I got to capture this spring wedding day. I will cherish the memories made forevermore.

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